A Cigarette before Columbine

US West Yellow Pages Headquarters
Inverness Drive East
Englewood, Colorado
Spring 1999
Twenty Eight Years after King Solomon's Gate

A Cigarette before Columbine

Time for another cigarette. I rode the elevator down to the first floor of the US West Yellow pages headquarters in inverness. A pit stop in the marble bathrooms, and I headed outside to join the cache of smokers standing just outside the door. I was still smoking three packs a day in those days.

As I made my way across the entrance hall I paused to talk with the temp receptionist again. The conversation turned to travel and languages. When she found out I spoke German she got excited and began talking about her nephew. He was headed in a bad way she thought. He was part of this group called the trench coat mafia, bad elements she thought. He idolized Germany and that might give me some influence with him, would I be willing to talk to him? He went to nearby Columbine High. She seemed a little desperate so I said sure kinda of casually, and hurried outside to join a friend for a butt.

A few days later my phone rang and it was the receptionist. Her step-nephew was coming over and would be here in a few minutes. Vaguely recalling my casual commitment I said sure and started down. I needed another cig anyway.

I met the pair in the entranceway to the building. We exchanged greetings in German and a few words. I was a little amused when they reached out to shake my hand with a misplaced reverence. To this day the encounter reminds me of the picture of Clinton shaking JKF's hand.

After a few paragraphs of halting German we switched to English and began to talk about Germany. I told them about living in Germany, busking on the Marienplatz in Munich, and other things I don't recall now... Then they brought up Hitler. It set me back on my heels a bit. Here were two nice kind of Goofy all american teenagers in the heartland of Colorado talking about that murderous bastard like he was an idol. I did my best to dissuade them of the thought. I brought up my time in Cambodia and how horrible it had been to be even that close to a genocide. The conversation faltered, stumbled and they left.

I had been dethroned in their eyes.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on several weeks later to kill a teacher and twelve students, and maim multitudes in the Columbine High massacre. They chose April 20, 1999, Hitlers Birthday, as their self described "Judgment Day". Their home video series taken before the Massacre includes a segment which appears to be them driving up to the US West Yellow Pages building on Inverness. When and if it is released to the public a copy will appear here. I am very curious to hear the voice track that goes with it. I have only seen a brief segment on public TV so far and did not catch the audio, which appeared to be cut short.

I haven't yet figured out all the Biblical links here but I feel confident that more exist, they seem to pop up eventually in all these things. The twelve students (apostles) and the teacher (Christ) and the Burning Bush as a threat to the Browns are obvious. But there may be more, my knowledge of the Biblical text is still rudimentary, as it deepens perhaps "bells will ring". I have yet to research Columbine in detail, not a pleasant task and one I tend to put off. It took me thirty years to finally read a book on Gacy (Feb 2006). It shocked me to my core and paralyzed me for months when I finally did. But I will get around to it.

I don't know why the connections, particularly the new testament connections, are often so violent and distorted i.e. Gacy murdering 33 while quoting biblical passages as he strangles and rapes them, the run in with the Christmas murder of JonBenet etc et al. It seems a pretty strange way to mark things... even for God. Perhaps that is somehow the point. The encounters are always fleeting, a few moments in time. Almost invariably, I go on happily on my way, often (but not always) unaware at the moment that anything extraordinary has happened. Fortunately there are also fun ones like the Samson story or first Kings to lighten the read. They have actually been quite numerous, often funny, but they seem minor and are often undocumented by comparison,... they admittedly don't match the impact. Fortunately, my association with those that do, leaves me more or less unaffected, it would be intolerable any other way.

I guess I get my revelations "on the cheap" which is OK by me :)

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Documentary Sources: The receptionist was a 50ish portly woman with greying black hair. Her exact relationship is fuzzy. Nephew, Step Nephew whatever. There was nothing to set the incident apart at the time it occurred. Documentation here is scanty, I am hoping the recent Harris Home video tape release will be of assistance. Lon Schlitenhart, a USW employee may be able to be of substantial assistance. Patent 5,991,770   US West Docs, Employment records for Western Data Inc.

This is one of the Thirty Three incredible stories surrounding the discovery of
King Solomon's Gate
The first Archaeological Proof of the Bible in history

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