William Foxwell Albright student
makes good on the Biblical Proof
that defined his life !

In 1971 a student in the Albright school of archaeology,  on a Hebrew Union College excavation, sponsored from Allegheny College, excavated the Solomonic Gate at Tel Gezer under Dr. William Dever. King Solomon's Gate at Gezer finally provided Yigael Yadin with his "Biblical Proof", and completed the loop started by William Foxwell Albright. The discovery was proclaimed by Yadin himself to be his greatest triumph in his extraordinary life. A life which included being a founder of the state of Israel and the excavation of Masada.


This is the Story of that Dig and What happened after.


This is one of the Thirty Three incredible stories surrounding the discovery of
King Solomon's Gate
The first Archaeological Proof of Solomons Life